Over the years of job and projects done, our integrity speakes for us.



This is our watch word at all time, we delivery an excellent service at all time.



Over the years of job and projects done, Discipline is the key to a job well done.


To become a foremost energy solution provider in Africa and the world at large.


Deploying cutting edge technology and breaking new barriers, developing people.


Novara Group Is a group of companies with major interests in Agribusiness, Haulage and Dredging. Others include Oil & Gas. The company comprise of competent professionals in the industry, ready and willing to advance and break barriers.

Our drivers / staff are fully trained and qualified with our fully equipped fleet of vehicles offering a range of lifting equipment to cover any of your requirements.

For more information on the services Replica omega we offer, please do take a moment to look around our website and contact us for specific enquiries and quotes, either by phone or by email.





Why you should Depend on Us

If you are wondering why you should depend on Novara Group, the following reasons are more than enough to convince you.

1. Trust is the foundation of our company. It is an essential human value that we honor in all our activities, from the way we operate to the way we communicate.

2. Our customers are our most important stakeholders and the reason for our existence as a company. We support our customers and collaborate with our internal colleagues with professionalism, courtesy, clear accountability and a sense of urgency. Our goal is to transform customer service into customer delight.

3. We strive to deliver the highest possible quality in the scientific services we provide to our customers. Only by doing so can we be considered leaders in our industry.

4. The quest for knowledge is never-ending, and as part of our pursuit of scientific excellence we are driven to expand our universe of knowledge in all our fields of expertise.

5. There is no more important asset than our people. Across all our sites and at every level of our company, we promote learning, sharing and individual growth so that we can build a team that is much more than the sum of its individual parts.